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Amy Mowl | Pham Phung | Darcelle Pruitt | Ananda MahtoChina/Vietnam | Study Abroad 1999 Foreword In the 25 years since the American government withdrew financial and military support from the former South Vietnamese State the unified government of Vietnam has worked to recover from the destructive impacts of the war. In 1975 the Vietnamese […]

Cultural Norms Early in the morning of September 5th, 1999, I was saying goodbye to my mother and my co-worker at the Santa Barbara Airport. A short while later, I was in San Francisco, waiting with thirty other students, to leave for Asia. We had arrived at the airport quite early, but soon enough, we […]

Questions: In what ways did the rise of Islam influence Jewish life? In broad terms, what impacts did the dominant Christians have on European Jews? List five practices or beliefs that distinguish Orthodox Judaism. Briefly summarize the development and practice of Reform Judaism. Paul is said to have defined the relationship of Christians to Judaism. […]