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Critical Issues in Education Maggie Stehr’s article Carson going to multiage classrooms allows us to revisit the idea of multiage classrooms in the educational setting todayMultiage classrooms date back to the “one-room schoolhouses” that served rural America from the mid-17th century. At the time, because of significantly lower enrollment levels, they were very well suited […]

Critical Issues in Education The 2006 proposed budget, as with the proposed budgets of the past few years, includes recommendations to eliminate funding for certain high school after-school programs. Upward Bound, which turned 40 last year, is one of those programs proposed for elimination. We have offered Upward Bound to our students for many years, […]

Lifespan Development and Learning In comparing different learning theories in detail, one ultimately gets to the point that they realize that no one theory is right or wrong, but that each theory has something to offer. Learning theories are valuable because they are often revised and reanalyzed or tested in different contexts to see how […]

I’ve just completed compiling the fist issue of the newsletter for the Centre for Micro Finance, “Eye on Micro Finance”. The goal is to get this out every other month, but honestly, I doubt whether that is a realistic goal or not. I took advantage of this project to familiarize myself with Adobe InDesign for […]