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Measurement, Evaluation, and Ethics in Research The following assignment was a little bit different from most of the other standard essays that I’ve had to write. Essentially we were asked to prepare a detailed memo. The assignment requirements were as follows: You are working for an early childhood program that has not been evaluated. Your […]

Patreca Pamela Hawkins | R. Ananda Mahto | Talathain Manning | Elissa TwachtmanCritical Issues in Education Abstract This paper provides a framework for increasing parental involvement at XYZ School. It begins by presenting an overview of different forms of parental involvement in education and the difficulties that often occur when trying to get parents into […]

Critical Issues in Education In 2001, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing (PSHH), a non-profit organization, entered into the arena of education. PSHH began operating over 35 years ago to provide affordable housing in California’s Central Coast region—a region that is “home” to a diverse range of residents, especially when one looked at the socioeconomic status of the […]

Critical Issues in Education A— pushed himself away from the table, picked up his chair and yelled, “I’m going to bash your face in with this chair.” A— was threatening another student, R—. Both were third-grade students, and this incident took place in an at-school after-school program they were both enrolled in. The after-school day […]