Changing Views on Immigration


Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction

Immigration WebQuest Screencap
I tired to make it nice and colorful to appeal to a 3rd- to 6th-grade age group and included lots more “motion” than I usually include in my web-designs.

This was one of the more interesting activities I’ve done so far in my online classes. Essentially, what we were supposed to do was create a “self-directed” online learning experience and present it in the format commonly known as a “WebQuest.” Overall, a lot more enjoyable than creating a PowerPoint presentation—which we usually have to do to accompany our papers….

One of the features that we had to include was a design that could be used both as a self-directed experience as well as one that could be modified by teachers to fit a classroom module. So, there is also a teaching section at the WebQuest. Most other groups used the online web-builder at QuestGarden but of course, I being somewhat geeky and proud, decided to design it from scratch so as to allow for some of the more fun features I had in mind. So, among the features of this WebQuest, one can find:

  • A pretty thourough description of how it can be integrated into a classroom lesson
  • Clear instructions if someone wanted to complete the activities outside of a classroom
  • An evaluation rubric to help learners and educators determine the success of the module’s implementation
  • Printable materials, ready to download and use
  • … and best of all, two hidden pages with bonus features for those dedicated enough to find them!

So, do some exploration of your own at my WebQuest on immigration!

Thanks to Christopher Wood, Michael Horn, and Margaret Barnett for their assistance on this project.


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