Video: Asking the Right Questions: An Introduction to the Centre for Micro Finance


Last summer, the Centre for Micro Finance took on a group of interns to help with several of their projects. Two of the interns, Rachel Bergenfield and Neera Jain—by the way, the most awesome interns ever!—agreed to undertake the huge project of filming a documentary in a few short weeks, and here is the result of their efforts!

This movie has been long delayed due to the lack of time/people and also to the numerous technical difficulties that kept popping up—but I guess that’s what you get when you try to film and edit something on severely under-powered laptops! The sound’s not perfect—actually sometimes it can be quite tinny and poppy—but it gets the story across, and that is what is the most important. Neera did the subtitles for the most part, and I got to learn how to use Sony’s DVD Architect a little bit better.

From the description that will eventually appear on the DVD’s packaging:

Due to tremendous growth in the microfinance industry, the Centre for Micro Finance (CMF) was created to ask and answer the most fundamental questions to improving the sector. What is the impact of microfinance on the lives of the poor? What other products do they still need? CMF answers these questions by assisting in product and program design and through research. This 30-minute film showcases the breadth and depth of the Centre’s work by presenting three projects.

My friend, Jitendra, provided the great music that can be heard during the set-up shots and the credits.


The video doesn’t show up here, but here’s the link:


One Response to “Video: Asking the Right Questions: An Introduction to the Centre for Micro Finance”

  1. 1 Alex Mahto

    This is a really cool video. Bravo!

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