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Evaluation and Assessment of Curriculum This week, as I write this, I am also in the midst of finding a new job. My past few days have been filled with composing cover letters, browsing online job sites, sending emails out to my network of colleagues, and refining my CV—my curriculum vitae. “The course of life.” […]

Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction Educational standards have the potential to revolutionize access to high-quality education for everyone. Standards can help parents, teachers, students, and administrators cope with the demands of our increasingly mobile environment. They can aid in providing more efficient training for teachers, allowing governments to train more teachers, and to ensure that teachers […]

Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction In the education world, there is a slight but significant contradiction in the implementation of standards: one purpose of standards is to serve as a guide to ensure that everyone receives a comparable education—but the standards are not easily understood by all stakeholders. Perhaps most importantly, it is highly unlikely that […]

Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction Communication is extremely important, especially for a busy teacher. Teachers must communicate on many levels with different stakeholders. For example, communication with administrators and colleagues are likely to look critically at the overall operations of the integrated scholastic environment including curriculum decisions or sharing procedural ideas. Communication with students may often […]

Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction Before one can look at educational reform critically, one needs to first ask why reform has taken place. Analysis from a na├»ve or overly simplistic perspective will simply point to education reform being the result of changing needs of students or of the overall population. However, such a view will not […]

Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom The Task: For this group assignment, we were supposed to develop three inter-related lesson plans, preferably multi-disciplinary, which included the integration of computers in some way. The Inspiration: I made the proposal to my group based on my work at both the Education Enhancement Program (EEP) at Peoples’ Self-Help […]

Instructional Design This is the last in a series of three papers written for my instructional design class. Unlike the previous two, which focused on a needs assessment and on how I would plan to conduct my evaluations, this post is basically an outline of what I would want my (extremely crammed) one-hour of instruction […]