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Economic History of the U.S. To 1900 When reading Jack London’s The Iron Heel, my high school days of music are brought to mind. I remember one of the more musically talented high school punk bands of the time: Picnic with a Gun. The singer/lyricist was a young man destined to be a politician. For […]

Introduction The goal of this paper is to present the reader with a brief background of the global experience with sustainable development in the past fifty years. Considering the broad range of issues involved with sustainable development, I decided to divide the paper into ten interconnected sections, each of which would be worthy of extensive […]

Economic History of the U.S. To 1900 Frank Norris’s, The Octopus, is a novel which, on its simplest level, is the story which in Norris’s own words, “deals with the war between the wheat grower and the railroad trust.” There is much more depth to this novel, however. Norris’s novel also addresses issues dealing with […]

Economic History of the U.S. To 1900 Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels is illustrative of the fogginess that often accompanies warfare. The novel covers the very brief period of June 30th, 1863 through July 3rd, 1863. It is a story of the Battle of Gettysburg, three years into the Civil War. The Killer Angels is […]

Economic History of the U.S. To 1900 Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin looks at slavery from the perspective of a Christian lady, and addresses the question of whether Christianity and slavery can coexist in a society we would like to call moral and humane. The question is a part of a larger one, one […]

The Ancient Maya Dr. Anabel Ford’s The Ancient Maya of Belize: Their Society and Sites manages to successfully accomplish at least two things for an individual interested in Maya studies. First, it provides the reader with some useful background information on the Maya civilization and their sites, allowing for a more comprehensive contextual understanding of […]

Regulation of Economic Activity I am a king in a time long ago. I have heard rumors that the earth is round. I feel that it is in my interest to find out whether or not this rumor has any truth, and I understand that great progress is often achieved when trying to learn with […]