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Report on a workshop offered by the Tata-Dhan Academy, Madurai Preface Post-independence India has witnessed an immense struggle against poverty. A variety of stakeholders have resorted to innovative and diverse models to face the challenges ahead. NGOs have played key roles in furthering the efforts made by these stakeholders to reduce poverty. In this process, […]

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Goodbye “Dear Diary” and hello “Development Diary” Many people can be a bit intimidated by the thought of diary writing. A large part of this is the recollection of childhood diary writing experiences filled with mundane details which look something like: Dear Diary, Today I got up at 6:30 and had five idli for breakfast. […]

India is often heralded both as the land of diversity and as the land of unity. This is a claim reinforced by the wealth of religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity coexisting with many things uniquely “Indian” within the country’s boundaries. Now, with India’s impressive growth, “income” can be added as an element of “diversity”; can […]

I couldn’t help it. I had to start writing my own writing guide based on a few of the things that really irritate me when I’m editing or correcting something for someone else. It’s a work in progress and it’s being done somewhat haphazardly (which probably means that I’m eventually going to get lazy about […]

Download a nicely formatted PDF version for offline viewing. Introduction Process documentation and journal writing should become a natural extension of the work that you do while you are in the field. Both of these types of writing are meant to describe what happened in the field, and both of them will include different kinds […]

Last summer, the Centre for Micro Finance took on a group of interns to help with several of their projects. Two of the interns, Rachel Bergenfield and Neera Jain—by the way, the most awesome interns ever!—agreed to undertake the huge project of filming a documentary in a few short weeks, and here is the result […]

I’ve just completed compiling the fist issue of the newsletter for the Centre for Micro Finance, “Eye on Micro Finance”. The goal is to get this out every other month, but honestly, I doubt whether that is a realistic goal or not. I took advantage of this project to familiarize myself with Adobe InDesign for […]